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Slates and tiles are traditionally used to waterproof pitched roofs, generally fixed to battens over a reinforced underfelt. A complete range of materials are available including man-made and natural slate, handmade or machine made clay or concrete plain tiles, interlocking concrete or decorative hanging tiles. Allweather roofing also provide slate roofing, a naturally occurring grey rock.


The team at Allweather Roofing have many years of experience in completing concrete, clay and slate roofs. We have worked on multiple and varied projects over 30 years to include garage roofing, porch roofing and complete re-roofing. With our expert knowledge and skills, we can assess and construct any type of roof you require. Just give us a call on 01923 270 600.


Our promise is to deliver quality work to ensure that your new roof is durable and watertight for years to come. We are so confident in our workmanship that we offer many different types of guarantees with our work. Whether we are working on a small garage or a large house, are values are the same, we are determined to be the best and are committed to delivering high quality and professional work. 



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